Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Website

Civil Protection and Freeman's Mind have moved! Go to www.accursedfarms.com from now on for news on the episodes.

To RSS people:
Until we get RSS working on the new site, I'll make new posts here when new episodes are released as a way of notifying you.


Nate said...

Hey Ross. It sucks the website's not working for you. I'm sure it'll start running smoothly if you give it some time. It's just like CP and FM. We can wait for new stuff. Well, I hope you can get the problem fixed, along with finishing CP. I'm looking forward to both, and I'm sure the results will be worth the wait. I'll keep checking in for updates!

robotking34 said...

I completely agree with Nate. We would much rather wait for high quality goods (which I definitely deem CP to be), than have shit pumped out. The CP wait is driving me, and I'm sure many others crazy!

You should be honored, though, for your blog is one of the 7 sites I check as part of my morning routine.