Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April update

Since I'm getting comments daily on the topic, here's what's going on with the videos.  I've finished all the dialogue for Episode 11 and it's going to be the longest FM episode so far.  I'm now letting Otto Beumelburg handle the rest of the audio work on it.  He adds most of the extra sound effects to FM and I'm hoping he'll take over the volume balancing on it.  That sounds like a simple task, but it takes a while to do properly and it's important because if it's done wrong you won't be able to make out what's being said over all the regular sounds.  I'm letting him take as much time as he needs to, plus there's a delay from when the video's done to when it's uploaded and available, so it will be a little while before it's up, hopefully sometime next week, but we'll see.

In the meantime, I'll be working on the next CP episode and plan to be relentless at it.  I tend to go back and forth between wanting to make something more original and wanting to simply get a video out.  Since I've been making more of the FM episodes lately, I'm really anxious to get back to work on CP.  Once the next CP episode is done, I'll make the pilot episode for the surprise series I mentioned earlier, though that shouldn't be as difficult as most CP episodes.


The new FM episode will be out soon.  Also I don't know why it's showing so many comments deleted.  The only posts I've been deleting lately are duplicates.  I think they might be being deleted by the person who orginally posted them.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well this is kind of late in announcing, but here it is anyway. The second and final guide from me is now out! This one is called

Source Machinima Cinematography.

The other guide, Choreography, focused almost exclusively on animation. This guide covers pretty much everything else involved with making a machinima film in the Source engine. If you want to know exactly how I process everything after I have it animated, this covers all the steps. It covers recording methods, camerawork, audio/video editing, and even some bits on getting ideas and writing scripts. In my opinion, the most valuable parts of this guide are being able to create custom camerawork (which includes slow motion), recording without any dropped frames, and my secret recipe for motion blur. And like the other guide, I didn't set the price on this, but I did try to make sure it was as thorough as possible.

And for everyone waiting on FM, CP, and the pilot episode, I'm working on them; asking daily about it really has no impact on the production time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well in working on it, it looks like the commenting system has been completely broken, so I'm taking the site back down again.  It looks like the site isn't quite functional enough for launching afterall, so I'll put it on hold again while the people coding try to work it out.  Really I've been trying to get this going ever since last summer, but as you can see it's been one problem after another.  I'll make an announcement here once it's a little more mature.  

And yes I saw all the comments and emails about wanting an RSS system, I wasn't aware anyone even used that.  I've never really intended for the homepage to be a daily news kind of deal, just something you can check every few weeks or so.  Basically I'd rather focus on making more videos than giving constant updates.  My primary goal with the site is to make it easy to get to the videos and to support some extra stuff.  However since there's such a demand for it, I'll ask the people coding to try and implement that in the new version.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Site up (again)

Hey, the new site should be functional now.  I'm going to wait and make sure it doesn't choke like last time before I basically turn this blogspot page into a redirecting one.  I'll still keep all old entries and comments, but if all goes well, all future news and videos will be at

Thursday, April 09, 2009

False Launch

Well I was hoping to get the site up today, and started to, but as soon as I made it public everything froze on the host's computer and the guy running it has no explanation for it.  I now have a backup plan, but it probably won't go up again until sometime tomorrow (if nothing goes wrong again).

EDIT: I have no idea when this thing is going to go up, I'm not coding, so a lot of this stuff is out of my hands. 

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April 2nd

Well for those of you who didn't figure it out yet, yesterday was a joke for April Fool's Day. Everything I wrote was bogus. The series is not over, Episode 11 is in progress. While I do think people could get tired of the format, I'm never going to run out of things to say, though some episodes will be better than others. I also have no incentive to have a road trip across the USA. I have enough scars from bicycle accidents as it is without needing to add to the collection with a motorcycle.

I think more of you figured out the joke than last year, it was basically the same trick. Since the fanbase is larger, there were a lot more comments this time. Like before, I put all comments mentioning April Fool's or the date on hold, but they're all posted now if you want to look through them. Also like before, I saw some suggestions that I was making up some of the comments. I'm not, these are all you guys. The only comments I made were in my name and were discussing the motorcycle trip.

Right now my plans are to finish Episode 11 of FM and the website, then focus soley on the next CP episode without having to divide up my attention on different projects.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009



640x480 WMV (17MB)

I changed my mind, I'm not doing any more Freeman's Mind; it's over. I've realized there's no way I'll be able to think up enough material to get through the rest of the game. Enjoy the last episode; it's kind of short, hence the half mark.

I think I'm going to buy a motorcycle and ride across the United States.