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Alright here's the alternate Halloween episode out good and late, but oh well. To reiterate, this is NOT the one I was working on for a month and a half, this is a last minute one I tried to get out by Halloween, but didn't happen. This is the shortest episode so far, but I tried to pack a lot into it, hope you like it. I'll try and get some subtitles or extras up here before too long.

Also as you may notice from the intro, I've kind of joined forces with since they've been helping me out with hosting, relaying files between team members, and the idea of expanding the publicity a lot since I'm not so hot at that part. Since one of my goals for the series is to use this as portfolio material so I can get a job better than flipping burgers, an association with a company is the sort of thing that would help. I apologize in advance for the video ads, they said they're working on that.

Finally, if you act on any of Dave's suggestions in this video, you're an impressionable idiot. If you blow your arm off and try to sue me, the joke will be on you since I don't have any money.


Samich said...

umm the download didnt work for me... it just loads the page then closes it and doesnt show up a download popup :/ and yes i did enable popups to show... :(

Engelbrekt said...

I.. uh.. what? I just watched the lot, I first saw your "Friday" episode on Youtube. Just an hour ago or so, a friend linked me to this site.

I was about to head off for bed, completely astonished over the quality that you have supplied in these videos. I press the "home" button after reading some of your earlier updates... and behold.. the text is different from what I recalled. An update! I love my timing.

I watched it. Oh god.
You scared me shitless, I was expecting it... yet... Oh. Damn.
I can't stop laughing.

You have my full support, I am ridiculously picky. But this? Just lovely. I have been able to fully appreciate every single episode so far. Including this.

I had more to say... but that entire ordeal made me disorientated.

Ah, Ross, have a lovely day. I'm off to bed. Take care!

Ross Scott said...

samich: I'll bring this up with them and figure out what's going on. What browser are you using?

engelbrekt: Thanks, commentary with whole sentences are my favorite. Unfortunately this stuff comes at a cost; the animation is ridiculously time-consuming. I'm going to have to offload that entirely to someone else if I hope to keep making these.

meepokman said...

It was decently funny. Good luck in making the rest. I have been a fan since I saw the first one. I hope the next episode will be on time. Those damn bugs!!

Otto said...

Excellent work!

Nexus Elite said...

Haha nice, ending was a blast.
Maps you guys make are awesome.

Love the voice acting, best voices i've heard comparing to the other hl2 movies.

J-Train said...

Lawl! ^^
Yet again beautiful work Ross
Keep up the good work, I would love to take some of the load of and help with the animation, i do have some experience with that but firstly i don't have the software and secondly i will most likely be going to another country for two years so i wouldn't want to bail on a commitment but maybe in two years if you still need the help ^_^

Shifty said...

haha very funny
I saw your first vid when you first posted about it on After that first video I didn't really check up on the blog since then, and now that I return nearly a year later, I must say you are doing quite well for a small man team. Excellent work Mr. Ross, excellent work.

hero said...

Hey Ross, Nick from Select-Start here. Good episode. I gotta say from someone who has worked on these things, I can appreciate the effort they take to create. I still have animation nightmares myself. But keep up the good work and hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Good work!

disraeli said...

Hahah this was great! Keep them coming!

Taiki said...

Yeah, same thing with the dowload thing, it keeps closing regardless that i turned off pop-up blocker.

None the less, that halloween special was hella funny. I also find it funny that male 07 or better known as Frohman keeps making a recuring apearance, hahaha.

samich said...

well im using IE 7.. would that be the problem you think? becuase i want to see the HD version and not youtube crappy eww stuff... (too shifty on the eyes >.>)

samich said...

ok i tried it with Firefox so im good now :D thanku! cant wait to watch it ;)

Miki said...

Nice work and very funny!! For the guys who had download problems of HD Video use firefox browser...

Will be a subtitles release?

Anonymous said...

very nice video like all of your videos :P

what about a paypal donate button ?
i would like to donate for civil protection to keep these thing going :D

and for all those who wanna see the movie in hd but dont wanna dl it

just watch it here

Eidrog511 said...

Fantastic new episode Ross! I could not stop laughing when all those zombies attacked them. Keep up the great work!

Ross Scott said...

Everybody in general: thanks

shifty: yeah my production rate sucks. That may or may not change; the animation is too taxing on me, I plan to have someone else take over completely.

hero: Hey Nick! I still have all your stuff, the only reason it's not out yet is because of indecision on my part. It's almost certainly going to be the next one in line now, definitely before any new ones.

miki: probably just haven't gotten to it yet

last anonymous dude: maybe, I feel bad about taking people's money if I can't produce stuff faster though.

karanjhala guy said...

so frikn asome!!!!

Anonymous said...


What do you mean let somebody else take over?

Do you mean the animation, or the whole thing? Will you still do the voices and write scripts?

And one more question. Do you still need face poser animators? And is audition video required?

Anonymous said...

Thanks man, great work!

Bursoft said...

Good work, man. Keep up in this. And pls. look on your e-mail. I wrote you a report. Thanks.

Cid102 said...

great episode it was great, oh did i say it was great by the way?

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Firefox! Down with Net explorer 7! Anything that makes me not able to watch CP I want to KILL! Amazing episode and i'm the guy that thought a poison zombie said, "CAAAaaanndddyyy!"
Hats off to ROSS and (team)!

Ed said...

Great work Ross!
(Remember the Korean guy who mailed you because of the script? It's me.)
I somewhat expected the last scene,
but I never knew my expectation was going to be right!
I really love your movies.
Keep up your great work!
I just feel sorry that I can't help
you for anything.
I'll look foward to your new

p.s. Oh, also, could you send me
the script of episode5? THX. :)

Ross Scott said...

anonymous dude: I mean let someone handle as much of the animation as possible, it's my least favorite part. I'd still do the writing and of course the voice of Mike since he's a main character. That's not the difficult part in making this.

ed: send me an email again, I lose track of everybody

UFO said...

That was hilarious. I recently got a high quality speaker set, and with those directional sounds (or whatever) you put in it made it awesome, especially the knocking sound being to the far left when they were talking with the computer person.

What is going to happen with the longer episode? Are you going to finish it? If not, can you still post it? I really want to see it.

Thanks for the videos!

Stephen said...

I can't download the HQ video, I've tried in both IE7 and Firefox but it keeps bringing up a window saying it can't find the file. :<

cid102 said...

yo just curious but whats the news on the next episode, are you still going to release it or is this entire series gonna die off right here?

karanjhala guy said...

Can you really disolve styrifom in gas to get napalm,,, or make a bomb the way Dave sed to in this episod?

H said...


Ross Scott said...

ufo: glad you liked it, it's too bad I don't have a method of recording it, otherwise it wouldn't be difficult to convert this to surround sound, since I use the game engine to take care of a lot of the directional audio. I'll release the original Halloween episode whenever I finish it, but none of it's filmed anyway, at least 90% of the time this stuff takes is in pre-production.

stephen: I'll contact and find out what's going on

cid102: Well I got pretty discouraged releasing this late, but no, I plan to at least finish the others I've started, but I'm going to do a lot less of the animation on this, hopefully get more help there.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am trying to learn faceposer to try to join the the team. But fate is against me, everything was going OK but then Source SDK stopped opening up on steam at all.

By folder crawling I managed to get to face poser and get it to work, but hammer refuses to open, says missing dll or something, and it worked before, and the rest of games Half Life 2, Counter Strike work.

Any suggestions?

I also bought orange box and going to install it tomorrow, maybe it will fix the problem, also would add more characters and poses to work with.

Ross, do you use episode 1 and/or episode 2 materials or just original?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I love your stuff!

Ross Scott said...

anonymous dude: I used nothing but HL2 original for Episodes 1 - 4 (of CP), and Source SDK Base and Episode 1 for the Halloween Safety episode.

Nihilist said...

Ross scott: Could you give me a some kind of script ?
I want to translate it.

If you okay, please send script to

Valeria said...

Good words.