Friday, November 28, 2008


It's been a while since I posted anything, so I wanted to let you know what's going on right now. As of now I have unofficially finished the Noesis guides. I'm still kind of in shock over the whole thing. They may still contact me about any needed revisions though, so I might get an email like:

"Ross... we need you to redo the camerawork section. You were supposed to cover camera motion, but these are bomb instructions..."

and I'll have to adjust it accordingly. For now though, I've done everything on my end. Anyway, what this means is that I'm going to start producing much more machinima now. Right now I plan to be focusing on Civil Protection more, but I'll be working on Freeman's Mind whenever I have to wait on getting material back from other people, so I'll be working on something either way. For the next CP, I'm actually thinking of postponing the scary episode just a little bit. After the last episode, I want to get more of a "normal" episode out first, so there's not any confusion about what direction the series is headed. It will be a shorter one, but I think everyone will like it. After that, I promise the next CP episode will be the long scary one. 

Finally, things aren't going well for the new website. I've sent him a couple emails, but I haven't heard back from the guy helping me with the code since October. I'll give him a little bit longer, but I may need some more help with this if he's completely MIA since I don't know html myself.

EDIT:  I've just heard back from the website guy.  Turns out he was in the hospital for 3 weeks, so I guess that's a pretty good excuse.  I was actually just joking earlier when I implied he might die, but it looks like that wasn't too far from the truth.  If he does die I'll have to dedicate the next episode to him I guess.  I dunno.


Anonymous said...

Great Ross!

Otto said...

Sorry to hear about your website coder. I've been taught by my brother about HTML, CSS, and a bunch of things relating to website design, but I've always found it a little too complicated.

Anyway, Congratulations on finally finishing the Noesis Guide! You can lay down the pressure now and relax after your hard work. Hope you get the deserved money from the buyers.

Serbdude said...

Hey Ross I am wondering if you could add some new characters (or at least some for just 1 episode) and weapons for CP. I love the idea of Dave with a AK-47 though!

Kerensky The Red said...

Awesome! I love the work you put into CP. Its looking like an extremely good series; like Red vs. Blue without the cussing.

Anonymous said...

great job ross.

Dont stress yourself, take some time to relax.

My hopes that you get a coder

Perfect Dark 0 said...

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HopesFall said...

If anyone pirates your guide, I will personally kill them.

Ross Scott said...

Serbdude: Yeah new characters are coming, I just need to get more episodes done!

Kerensky The Red: I make no promises on CP, but for the most part they'll be in the PG to PG-13 rating.

HopesFall: Well I see that as inevitable, but hopefully it sells enough so that it wouldn't be so much of a blow. Unfortunately the sales are pretty low right now so I'm just trying to focus on making new stuff instead.

Mike said...

The people who handle the 'standardisation' of HTML and CSS (and pretty much all web design code) have put up a load of pretty good tutorials at - it takes about 2 weeks to learn it if you're just doing the tutorials whenever you feel like it, so if you have the time you can learn this for yourself.

Of course, you already have a wide range of skills to call upon, so don't feel like you HAVE to learn this new one - you're already pretty high up on the 'awesomeness' scale for your machinima skills :p

Anonymous said...

what are you working on now?

Alex said...

I could help you with your website if needed, I have done websites for small stores before (flash games as well). I usually charge but seeing as I don't have any projects I could help you out for free.

Anonymous said...

I know this may sound cheeky but, do you think a new episode of CP or FM will be released before the new year?

P.S your machinimas are all perfect and I love all of them. That's if CP, FM and Galaxy gulp are all of them.

Ross Scott said...

Mike: Well look at it this way, the more time I spend learning web programming, the less time I have for making videos. I've been investing a decent chunk of time on the graphic design as it is.

anonymous guy: lots of things

anonymous guy 2: Definitely. If we don't run into any problems with the current CP episode, I'm hoping for one of each. If we do, then I'll make two FM's to compensate.

Anonymous said...

About the website guy: I know it's horrible to say this, but that's kind of amusing. It's just very ironic.

I wish him the best of luck, though.

lazerus said...

i want that guide ive got ideas for a left 4 dead one....more about other survivors and what they had to go through could be fun but that is if i get that guide


Master Chris said...

Do you have to redo one of the parts or are noesis just getting the guide ready to be sold? It's been a week since you sent the finished guide to them.

Luke (Fan) said...

Looking forward to next episode, man you do a great job. If you and digitalph33r were combined, who knows what you could create! I got a question about Freeman's Mind, what are you going to do when Gordon gets to the Human Grunts who want to kill him? I can't imagine that.

Sharky said...

As soon as I muster up some more cash I would like to purchase a guide.
I love your stuff, CP is awesome, and I just watched FM ep 5 again.
Take your time doing whatever you need to, CP is still my #1 favorite Machinima.
As a new character, I'd like to see for CP, I'd like to see their spooky captain, if it were possible.

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot...Ur movies are AWESOME!!!

Alex said...

Are you going to be using Black mesa source for freeman's mind when it comes out?

Ross Scott said...

lazerus: I'm sure they added some new stuff, but what's taught in the guide should definitely be applicable to Left 4 Dead.

Master Chris: Neither. They still have to review it. I'm unofficially done with it for now, I don't know when it will be ready.

Luke (Fan): I have a couple ideas, but nothing's concrete. Even I don't know where Freeman's head will be by that point, he's an unstable element.

Sharky: That's great if you want to buy it, but it's really only if you want to do your own machinima. All my entertainment stuff I'll release for free.

Alex: Probably not because the transition would be awkward. If I pick up the pace maybe I can be done before them.

Freeman's Mind fans: new episode coming soon!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
cant wait!