Thursday, October 11, 2007

changes coming

Hey, letting everybody know that changes are coming soon to the website. In addition to coming up with something that looks nicer, I'm going to try and make separate sections to download the movies, extra media related to the series, and an international section where I'll host subtitles and versions of the episodes in different languages. We're all still hard at work on the Halloween episode, but it's looking really good so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get it out before Halloween and will be doing everything I can to try and make that happen.


Anonymous said...

Hey,its absolutely fantastic!!
Im praying at god for your movies!(just kidding,but civil protection is on of the best machinima series ive ever seen!)

Otto said...

Excellent news there, Ross. Try not to feel too pressured. I don't celebrate this "Halloween" so I don't know when it is exactly, but try not to push yourself too hard.

I know what it's like trying to finish something before a certain amount of time, and it is really nerve racking sometimes.

Good luck!

Karanjhala guy said...

I'm glad to hear that there will be subtitles and,,,,,, I WAS LOOKING FOR THIS NEW LETTER!!!:D Everyday I come to your site to see the new episode

someonero said...

Hey, about the subs, I can translate in russian and help with that :) Oh, and I luv what u r doing, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

IT IS ALIVE! I mean... Civil Protection is still alive. I admit, I was slighty afraid of CP closing by the time.

But I'm craving for a new episode, THE new episode. You're famous :P

Wub, wub, wub, wub, wub... you're such an idiot, Dave :D

Anonymous said...

This is funny as hell. I have to say I'm extremely, EXTREMELY impressed by the writing. Professional quality.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just watched all your videos on and they were hilarious. Especially laughed insanely hard at the ending of "on a rail", "Oh that was STUPID!"... hehehe Excellent stuff. I am now one of your newest fans. ^_^ Hope to see the new episodes soon.
Keep up the good work.
If I knew how I'd make stuff like this but I dont have a clue.
So keep making it for us stupid people with no talent. heheh

- shinsei_kyouki name if you want to leave a reply.

f12bwth said...

I am Vjing a Halloween party on the 27th.. If the ep is out I will play it on the 10 foot projection screen for 80 or so possible new fans!

God Speed!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely fantastic! Love your series...just don't push yourself to hard, important to keep the quality of the jokes and everything, but i believe you will make great episodes:D. You are the best!

Noah said...

If you need help, let me know. I totally support this hillarious comedy you have created.

Thanks a crap ton.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All I have to say is you have some serious talent. Well written, very humorous, awesome angles and an overall professional quality. I'm honestly surprised your doing this completely free. You have something that could give the boys of RvB a run for their money. I especially like that i haven't heard any cursing, I'll be honest it can be funny from time to time but people over use it and it not only degrades their vocabulary it just isn't as fun the hundredth time you have herd it. You have a great comedy that doesn't rely on that, all the more power to you!

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said... of the funniest episodes ive seen!!

karanjhala guy said...

hey ross HEADS UP (WHOOSHING SHOVELS OVER YOUR HEAD!!!) halloweeeeeen is almost here, and i dig the suspense :) IM ALSO HOPIN FOR EPISODE 5 TO COME SOON AFTER 6!!! so grab your gorey costume and get to uyour PC!!!!

Eh Noni Mus said...

All I can say is wow.
I think you've got the raving fans part covered.
The series is excellent and I'm pulling for you that you can use this in a career portfolio like you said earlier. Not clĂ­ched or anything, but "Keep up the Good work!"

Ross Scott said...

f12bwth: Yeah sorry, I tried, the upside is that now you'll basically be getting 2 Halloween episodes, just one will be after Halloween.

J3: Thanks man, and yeah, I'm hoping to use this more as portfolio material to get some kind of job, though I'm not sure what. As for the language, part of me wants to use it, part of me enjoys the larger audience I can have without it. I'm in total agreement on pacing it though, it has so much less impact if it gets used all the time.

karanjhala guy: I'm doing what I can man, just realize the ones that have been delayed are longer than any previous episodes.

karanjhala guy said...

gooood point, i kinda forgot about the info. of the new 20 minurte long (or so) episode 5! So i can see you sitting at your computer desk sweationg and yelling out, "OKAY PEOPLE, JUST WAIT A DANG MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" sorry, i got carrried away with that one, anyhow,I found out that a virus shook up my pc and trashed it, so im typing from a different one. I HOPE ITLL BE FIXD!!! (LOL) Have a good one.