Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Well the results came in on that contest I entered and Episode 2 lost to a bunch of frag videos, so bummer about that.  As a way of thanking everybody who voted in it, I've released some alternate shots of my favorite scene from Episode 2 that you can download here:

Alternate take (do not download if you haven't watched Episode 2!  It's a spoiler)

Also, one of the viewers, Chris Fischer sent me some subtitles he made for Episode 2.  I've re-edited and color coded it like I did with Episode 1, so if you have hearing problems or simply can't understand what the hell Craig and I are saying with that helmet radio filter on you can grab the subtitles here:

Episode 1
Episode 2


Anonymous said...

Excuse me.. but the text isn't working =/

Ross Scott said...

It is, I just have comments moderated because I kept getting people trying to advertise pharmaceuticals with them. I don't use it to censor anything, including criticism, unless someone were to just start posting 12-year-old style insults (which hasn't happened yet)

Laura said...

I loved episode 1. As a player of the Half Life series I laughed so hard. I think I will definitely have to share this with my other CSS buddies. We have played CS from the beginning and the newer ones such as CSS. Great job! Can't wait til I have more time to view the others. :)